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Biden Recognized Father of Maura Binkley as a “Uniter” at Summit on Hate-Fueled Violence

White House – September 15, 2022

“My friend was murdered in a Tallahassee yoga studio. It should have been called a hate crime.”


National Association of Attorney’s General – April 6, 2021

“Maura's Voice funding FSU College of Social Work to help prevent violence against women”


TCPalm – November 6, 2019

“In a deadly shooting, a Dunwoody family finds a mission”


Atlanta-Journal Constitution – March 1, 2019

“Local father who lost daughter: ‘Unspeakable’ now commonplace”


Atlanta-Journal Constitution – August 4, 2019

Special Episode: The People v. Hate: Standing Up for Humanity: Combatting Incel Violence

National Association of Attorney’s General – April 6, 2021

“Three years after yoga studio shooting, my daughter's death is a call for legislative action”

Tallahassee Democrat – November 2, 2021

Statement: NCTA Case Study


Secret Service’s Latest Research Highlights Mass Violence Motivated by Misogyny.

“New Secret Service report details growing incel terrorism threat”

CBS – March 15, 2022

“Secret Service links Hot Yoga shooter to 'misogynistic extremism,' decades of warning signs”

Tallahassee Democrat – March 17, 2022

Press Release: Launch of Maura’s Voice

March 4, 2019